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1 The Malt Whisky Site [Edit]Whisky
Een leuke site voor iedereen die van whisky kan genieten. In ieder geval hoop datgene over te brengen wat ik erin zie; een drank met een historie
2 Alternative Whisky Academy [Edit]Whisky
3 Celtic Malts [Edit]Whisky
4 Scotch Whisky [Edit]Whisky
5 van Zuylen voor een mooi glas [Edit]Whisky
Prachtige whisky site met veel informatie en lage prijzen. Bezorging door heel Europa.
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Scotch Whisky
1 Black Bottle [Edit]Scotch Whisky
2 Glenfiddich [Edit]Scotch Whisky
3 Gordon Macphail [Edit]Scotch Whisky
4 Inver House [Edit]Scotch Whisky
5 Morrison Bowmore [Edit]Scotch Whisky
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Welsh Whisky
1 Welsh Whisky [Edit]Welsh Whisky

Irish Whisky
1 Ballycastle [Edit]irish Whisky
2 BushMills [Edit]Irish Whisky
3 Connemara [Edit]Irish Whisky
4 Cooley [Edit]Irish Whisky
5 Green Spot [Edit]Irish Whisky
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Tennessee Whiskey
1 Dickel [Edit]Tennessee Whiskey
2 Jack Daniels [Edit]Tennessee Whiskey

Kentucky Bourbon
1 Rebel Yell [Edit]Kentucky Bourbon
2 association [Edit]Kentucky Bourbon
3 Bardstown Bourbon [Edit]Kentucky Bourbon
4 Barton [Edit]Kentucky Bourbon
5 Barton Brands [Edit]Kentucky Bourbon
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Distilleries Frankrijk
1 Distillerie des Menhirs [Edit]Distilleries Frankrijk
2 Glann ar Mor [Edit]Distilleries Frankrijk
3 Warenghem distillery [Edit]Distilleries Frankrijk

Whisky Liqueurs
1 Baileys [Edit]Whisky Liqueurs
2 Cock o the north [Edit]Whisky Liqueurs
3 Drambuie [Edit]Whisky Liqueurs

Distilleries Scandinavie
1 Hven - Zweden [Edit]Distilleries Scandinavie
2 Lodhian - Zweden [Edit]Distilleries Scandinavie
3 Mackmyra - Zweden [Edit]Distilleries Scandinavie
Our distillery is at the beautiful Mackmyra Bruk mill in Gästrikland. When we opened for business in 1999 we were the only whisky distillery in Sweden, and also the most northerly one in the world. At that time ours was a very small-scale business, using a copper boiler with a capacity of only 100 litres. It was in this pilot distillery that we developed our recipes. At the same time we proved to the outside world that it is possible to create an excellent malt whisky using the ingredients and under the conditions that we have in Sweden.Our first bottling is Preludium - a range of six varieties that offer a foretaste of Swedish malt whisky. Each of these varieties has its own character, and together they offer an excellent insight into our production process and our whisky stock. Mackmyra Preludium enables the whisky connoisseur to track the development of the Swedish malt whisky experience. Each variety has been bottled in a limited volume during 2006 and 2007.
4 Teerenpeli - Finland [Edit]Distilleries Scandinavie

Distilleries in Azie
1 Hombo - Japan [Edit]Distilleries in Azie
2 McDowell - India [Edit]Distilleries in Azie
3 Mercian - Japan [Edit]Distilleries in Azie
4 Nikka - Japan [Edit]Distilleries in Azie
5 Suntory - Japan [Edit]Distilleries in Azie
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Distilleries Canada
1 Canadian Club [Edit]Distilleries Canada
2 Canadian Mist [Edit]Distilleries Canada
3 Glenora [Edit]Distilleries Canada
4 Kittling Ridge [Edit]Distilleries Canada

Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland
1 Booie Range - Australie [Edit]Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland
2 Cradle Mountain - Australie [Edit]Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland
3 Heaven Hill N-Zealand [Edit]Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland
4 Tasmania - Australie [Edit]Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland
5 The Lark - Australie [Edit]Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland

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Inver House (!) [Edit]
Categorie: Scotch Whisky

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